Animal trickout

April 12th, 2013, 4:19 pm

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Reply 1ce_k1d, April 12th, 2013, 4:50 pm

A game idea YET AGAIN. I should really keep track.
Play: You can be the animals or the robots, and you have to get to the other sides castle. You get an army. Start with 100 coins, and cannot get any more.

ANIMALS: The robots are trying to take over! Go eat them or something.
Rabbit: Will move in a strait line, jump at the mountain. Very fast and weak. 2.5 coins.
Frog: Will just stand there, protecting the castle. If a robot gets close, it will lash it's tounge out. Multi hits but close ranged. 4 coins.
Hedgehog: Stackable. If a robot gets near, the bottom one will turn into spikeball mode and roll along the ground. It will clime mountains. Slow and weak. 5 coins for 1, 6.5 for 2, and 9 for 3.
Mole: When placed, it will digg towards the nearest robot, and insta kill it. 10 coins.
Fish: The only animal affected by water. It will swim along the water blocks, and if it sees a robot, will drop onto it. Longer seeing range, but weak. 5 coins.

ROBOTS: It's time for the new generation to bust in! Sent out the robots!
Wheelie: Will run along the path, and jump at the mountain. Slow and strong. 2.5 coins.
Gla-cannon: Just sits there. If an animal gets close, it will shoot at it. The bullets arn't multi hitting, but shoots farther. 4 coins.
Disclor: If an animal gets close, it'll throw it's bottom one at it. Strong, but can't hit animals on the mountain. 5 coins for 1, 6.5 for 2, and 9 for 3.
Drill: When placed, it will dig it's way to the nearest animal, and kill it. 10 coins.
Submarine: Only aquatic robot. It'll swim along the water, and if it sees an animal, will fly in a strait line towards it. Strong, but not very observent.

Game ends when one of the castles is taken over, or both players run out of money. The stage is X2 bigger than the animals and robots.

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