Cave dreams

May 3rd, 2013, 4:31 pm

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Reply 1ce_k1d, May 3rd, 2013, 6:02 pm

You get your own cave and miners! What more do you want? Try to survive the critters and each other while you continue your mine!


Purple miner: Your fellow miners and minions. They need to eat cake every hour, and can go mining, play video games, fight monsters, and fall asleep. They are the ones that bring you goods, so try not to let them die of stupidity or monsters. If all of them die it's game over. You start with 3 and can get more for 10M. They run into the enemy to hurt them, but hurt themselfs too. 5 hearts.

Blue miner: That's you! You can call all the miners to sleep, sell your goods, buy items, and fight monsters. If you die it's game over. You can shoot. 10 hearts.


Cusion: They just sit there. 5M.

Cake: Food to the Miners. Can be stacked, and targeted by Es-lard-o. 7M

Fountain: If a Miner drinks from it, they are more likely to bring up vauluble minerals in the next 5 minutes while mining. 14M.

Backpack: It can hold up to 50 minerals, also the ones in the bags can be sold. Can buy stuff as well. Start with one, after that costs 9M.

Eraser: It's a bed. Puts the Miners to sleep so they don't overwork and die. Only works at night. All Miners must be sleeping for it to work. One eraser can hold 10 Miners. 8M for each.

TV: Comes either big or small. Used with controller to play games. Games give Miners breaks from mining, after they're done increaces the possibilities of valuable minerals. Possibly infects them with Krr-%z*t. 15M small, 20M big.

Controller: Placed on ground to play on TV. 9M regular, 17M grand.

Epic candy: Just a decoration. Used as bait to lure Mushretoes. 10M.

Bomb hole: Used to melt thing you don't want. The more valuable you put in, the better mining abillities your team gets. 30M

Dirt: Comes up %50 of the time. Worth 0M.

Coal: Comes up %25 of the time. Worth 3M.

Gold: Comes up %15 of the time. Worth 18M.

Diamond: Comes up %10 of the time. Worth 30M. Sometimes is a Roctik instead.

Mynte: You trade in minerals for this, which can buy you more goods.


Mushretoes: They come out of the mine in packs of 2-7, and try to wipe out the Miners. 3 hearts and 1 damage.

Es-lard-o: They move slowly, and try to steal the cake. This is dangerous because that's the onlything Miners can eat. Come in packs of 5-8 and can't harm. 5 hearts.

Krr-%z*t: If a game is played, occasionally these will pop out. Have a cookie if you read this part. If it's released, it will possess the Miner playing, and turn it into a M9ii3*ne_R.

M9ii3*ne_R: Walks around back-stabbing the Miners when you're not around. The only option is to kill it. 5 hearts and 3 damage.

Roctik: Disguises it's self as a diamond chunk, but when the Miners are sleeping, and if it's not in a bag, it will destroy all the goodies and items. Worth 0M, so you should probobly throw it in the Bomb hole instead.

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