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Zane Mc'Chester: That's you. You have to run around the cafeteria, getting everyone involved in the food fight. You can die, but you'll respawn in a certain area. You lose when the teacher finds out about this.
Chase: He'll try to ruin your fun. He starts at one side of the classroom and has to get to the other to tell on you. Jerk. If he's hit by enough food, he'll die, and go back to the oppisite side of the room as the teacher.
Larry: If he's hit by something, he'll join the fight. He has 25,000 twin brothers.
Katherine: It'll take a few shots to get her in the battle. Also has 25,000 twin sisters.
Bob: He's slow, but needed to get in the battle to win.
Polly: If anyone near her is hit, she'll join too, but not if she's directly hit.
Vampire: When battling, he'll teleport to hit people.
Lunch lady: If someone throws food in her line of sight, she'll go tell the teacher, but if she's hit she becomes the Rambo of the food fight.
Fishy the Mascot: He'll activate anyone around him if he's hit, but will try to kill you specificly.
Beast: Very fast and strong, but can break tables and stuff. If he causes to much mess the teacher will look and see... This...
Steve: Yeah, the Minecraft guy. He'll break stuff too, but will place them and won't atract the teacher. If killed, he'll drop lots of suplies.
Teacher: If he sees this, you're dead.

Ice-cream: You throw an unlimited amount of this. Goes in a strait line.
Bubble bomb: After three ticks, will explode.
Chocolate: Homes it's squares at near by people.
Pizza: After hitting something, throws pepporoni everywhere.
Soda: Launches ice cubes if detonated.
Taffy, slows people who step on it down.

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