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WARNING: CONTAINS LONG CONFUSING WORDS Mutated cells called Microbiolicals have grown to human sizes. They're planning to take over the world. What do you do? Make a bet with your partner that you can collect more of them and defeat him/her. GREAT IDEA!

How it works: You go throw a stage, trying to kill everyone you can on your way to the finish line. Then you sit back as everyone you killed goes up against your rival in a single screen room. If he/she kills your entire army, you lose, but if not, you win.

Puppister: The dog, and one of the players you can be. He can summon the Goranicizor, a laser gun that reduces the Microbiolicals, and regrows them on your team. You get your army to fight Katlia.

Katlia: The cat, and the other player you can be. She's basically just the same, even has the same Goranicizor, but with a pink band. You fight Puppister if you chose her.

Green apple: Found in the stage. If you touch it you gain health.

Mirrizor: It's found held on the wall. If you get close, it'll activate flying mode, and try to kill you.

Para-pup: It will chase you through walls, spamming bullets in an arc shape. It stops if you look at it, must be killed in pursuit mode.

Twinntle: It can clime walls, and change direction to chase after you. The basic enemy.

Badapple: It looks like a green apple, but if you get close it falls off and tries to eat you. IRONY IS IMMORTAL

Bleup: It normally sits there peacefully, but if you get close it vibrates for 5 seconds and begins to chase you. If it catches you it turns into 5 tiny balls, which on contact turn into 5 smaller balls each, and again. It can't jump.

Blaylerblade: When it gets onto the screen, it flies strait ahead, even through walls. Will die instantly if you hit it.

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